Island heaven, as well as a fusion of societies, Bintan Island, supplies extra website traffic lots to do than sitting at the seaside.

Less than 2 hrs from Singapore and also Jakarta, Bintan Island is a practical trip from bothersome metropolitan area life. The beautiful destination is residential to luxurious, brave points of interest, lovely nature, and fascinating local subculture. From trekking journeys to lavish banquets, discover the peak six tasks on Bintan Island, Indonesia.

Panglong Village

Panglong town is home to the Orang Laut (Sea Gypsies), a few of Bintan’s earliest settlers. These fishermen have actually been as quickly as nomadic people before settling down on the shores of Panglong, building wood seaside residences and creating a residence out of casting internet from their standard ships. Tourists might furthermore see the island’s past in the appeal of Panglong’s old houses, much like the legendary ‘block igloos’ that the citizens when made use of to make charcoal.

Crystal Shallows

At a jaw-losing 60 hectares in diameter, this clear lagoon could likewise without difficulty appear like a crystal-clear, impossibly very easy, and also silent sea. Crystal Lagoon at Prize Bay is Southeast Asia’s artificial deep-sea shallows– it’s an exceptional one, as well. Hover about on a unicorn float for hours, living area at the powder-white sand, or join up for one in every of their personal water sporting activities. Jetovator, a jetpack-like device that enables you to send you flying above the water, is possibly preferred among daredevils.


Senggarang is a paranormal fishing community and is also home to Bintan’s indigenous people. This village resembles a Venice model, with canals isolating houses that go with the flow above the water. As the key Chinese negotiation on the island, Senggarang residences several holy places as well as temples, effortlessly well-known for their brilliant as well as lively colors– in evaluation with easy, earthy homes in the community. Don’t neglect to try out the close-by one-of-a-kind shark fillet (shua he pia) or shrimp gruel (he moi).

Trikora Beach

Trikora Coastline is the primary tourist center of Bintan Island This string of 4 coastlines stays populated with laidback, conventional cottages and also restaurants, that are the option of the luxurious as well as progressive Lagoi. Travelers may do great deals of things at this beach: swim, snorkel and sit back in a coastline cabana even as tasting typical snacks. Trikora beach is extremely appropriate for the family members’ trip place in Bintan.

Tanjung Pinang and also Penyengat Island.

Tanjung Pinang is the resources town of Riau Islands. The community is an antique town with colonial and traditional communities to discover. This is where visitors can splurge for local-made crafts and also authentic traditional dishes such as the popular seasonal gong. Penyengat Island is just a 15-minute boat trip from Tanjung Pinang’s port, housing 18th-century forts, a mosque, a royal residence, as well as various other historic spots.

Gurun Pasir Busing

For a without a doubt exact enjoy and also some amazing photograph opportunities to confuse your pals, Gurun Pasir Busung is an appropriate place. This previous sand mining website online ends up being left deserted after sand removal is prohibited and also currently looks like a distinct desolate tract sandscape. Without a doubt, made lakes have actually collected rainwater and also blended with certain minerals from the flooring, forming the most unusual tinted water that wishes no Insta filter to impact!