Just like skin serums, hair growth serum are utilized to control frizz, fix hairstyles, and protect the hair from environmental damage. It’s a known fact that oils provide nourishment to the scalp, and serums work on the exterior of the hair. One can use them as quick fixes or even as a substitute for your conditioners.

Hair serums benefit in replenishing lost lipids, thereby deterring damage to the cuticles. You must use the serum evenly on your hair, particularly the parts where it’s needed the most. If your hair is chemically treated, proceed with a protein-rich serum.

Advantages Of Using A Hair Growth Serum

Controls Frizz

If your hair is damaged and weak, it may appear dry or frizzy. You may also get a few flyaways and hair that looks as if it’s standing on end. Silicons are present in hair serums to control these types of issues and strengthen your hair strands.

Makes Hair Smoother

Hair serums retain an anti-frizz effect that enhances the smoothness of hair. So, to get the appearance of more polished strands, a hair growth serum needs to be added to your routine.

Reduce Tangles

Sleek and smooth hair is less prone to get knotted and tangled. Hair serums leave a detangling effect that makes it easier to comb, style, and manage your hair.

Promote Shine

Smooth hair always looks lustrous and glossier. Hair growth serum adds shine to your hair, improving the appearance of your hair.

Enhances Your Curls

For people with curly hair use a hair serum that’s specially developed to enhance them. They will look helical and bouncier.

Protects Against UV Damage

Hair growth Serum cover your hair and defend your hair strands from heat damage, chemical processing, environmental stressors, and UV light and in today’s world, all of these are significant.

Helps Nourish Dry Hair

Dry Hair can be very irritating. An absence of moisture can make them look dull and lifeless. A good quality serum can result in you getting rid of dry hair by delivering a silky finish. It protects from humidity, which is the original reason behind dryness. Moreover applying the hair serum to nourish the hair doesn’t make the hair look greasy or oily.

Protects Against Humidity

Due to humidity, hair usually gets damaged and dull when coming in contact with it. Surplus exposure to the sun also damages the hair by turning it dry and dead. Also, washing the hair frequently may cause the issue of excess hair fall. That is why the application of the hair serum is important to guard the hair against the warmth and humidity present within the surroundings.

Helps With Damage

When your hair gets harmed by detrimental chemicals like colors and styling tools, they become dull and dry. Utilizing a serum won’t let the hair get damaged. It functions as a protective shield that nourishes the hair greatly and doesn’t permit them to get greasy. Hair serum may be a good way to lock in moisture back to your strands when they’ve forfeited their natural oils.

Reducing knots and tangles

Hair serums smoothen the hair, inducing a detangling effect on the hair. As the serum makes the hair softer and silkier, it becomes easier to comb through and oversee.

Enhancing the hair’s natural look

Hair serums enhance the natural structure and texture of the hair, resulting in sleeker, more defined hair, boosting the hair’s natural look.

How To Use Hair Serum?

When To Apply:

Serum safeguards the hair against pollution. Serum conditions are to be applied on washed and damp hair. This way it puts a protective layer on your hair.

How to apply:

Begin with the ends and move towards the middle portion of your hair. Do not use the serum on your scalp as this can make your hair look oily and greasy.

How Much Should You Use:

You will only require a pea-sized amount of serum if you have very thin or oily hair and a little more if you have thicker and drier hair.

Is Serum Necessary For Hair?

Hair serum has become an important part of our hair care routine. Shampoos, though clean enough, can reveal our hair cuticles. The conditioner does not do a successful job of sealing your cuticle and hence a layer of serum is essential.

If you are someone who frequently does heat styling, serums should be an important element of your hair care routine. They put in a protective layer to your hair and prevent heat damage.

Which hair serum works best for each hair type?

The best way to get the most advantage from a hair serum is to choose the best product for a person’s hair type.

For people with coarse hair types, serums that offer intense moisturization are best. Serums that safeguard against humidity and lock in hydration may be useful for this hair type since this type is inclined to frizz and dryness. A person with coarse hair can buy marula, and rosewood products for intense hydration.

Lightweight, hydrating serums can provide bounce and definition to curly hair. Similarly, people with fine hair can also aid from serums with lighter formulas.

People with straight hair who want to increase its straightness can also use serums. As the serum smoothes and moisturizes the hair, the more straight and shiny it will appear.

People with damaged hair and split ends should contemplate keratin serums to bring back the protein in their hair. These serums are usually known as repairing and fortifying. Meanwhile, people who use straightening irons or hairdryers may wish to choose heat-protectant serums.

Wrapping Up

Adding a hair serum into a person’s hair routine can deliver a large range of benefits, from protecting to adding moisture and shine,  split ends and flyaways, and providing definition to their hair’s natural look.

To get the most out of its advantages, a person should look for a hair serum developed for their hair type and hair goal.