Patio Umbrellas

            A patio umbrella is almost a necessity in the summer, especially if your yard lacks sufficient trees or other shade. There are a variety of umbrellas that you can get depending on your needs. You can also get very decorative ones or as plain as you want.

            You can find these in many different places around the world. If you are looking for an outdoor umbrella for your patio there are many places that you can look. You are sure to find just the right one to complement your patio.

            This article will share with you tips on how to buy the best umbrella for your outdoor enjoyment. You can also do your own research to see which umbrella will best fit your needs. You can find the one that you need that will fit your patio décor.


  1. Use Table Umbrellas on Flat Surface

Many patio tables have holes in them for the umbrellas, but these will only work if they are on a level surface. If the table is unlevel, the umbrella could wind up breaking the table. These are good for decks, concrete patios, or other very level surfaces. Look here to see what type you will need: You will need a good weight for the bottom of the umbrella.

  1. Mobile Shade

There are other umbrellas that can go anywhere in the yard. They do not require the land to be level, so they can follow you around if necessary. You do not even need to have a table for these umbrellas. These are best for bigger yards with lots of room.

  1. Get a Larger One for Your Area

You want an umbrella that is bigger than your sitting area to make sure that you are always in the shade. You want it to be at least two feet larger than your table or other areas that you are sitting in. You will probably want to have an umbrella that is at least nine feet around for a regular table. There are larger and smaller styles that are available.

  1. You Want a Durable Material

There are many different materials that umbrellas can be made from. You want one that can withstand the weather and keep the rain off you if you decide to be outside during that time. You want it to be strong, yet lightweight and you also want it to be stain proof. You want to have it easy to fold, as well.

  1. Tilting Umbrella for Adjustable Shade

A tilting umbrella is good for adjustable shade to move along with the sun. These are good for when there is not a lot of shade around the yard. You can tilt it to shade you at any time during the day. These are good for big yards and can also be good to keep your pool in the shade, as well.

  1. Consider Weather Conditions

You really need to consider the weather conditions in your area when considering the type of umbrella to buy. If you live in an extremely windy area, you will need to consider the type of pole that you have. You want to have a pole that is made from a flexible material such as wood or fiberglass. Aluminum is not good and will bend in windy conditions.

  1. Use a Base Weight

You will want to have a heavy base weight for your umbrella to be stable. You do not want it to be flopping around in the wind. You want a weight that is at least twenty to forty pounds, if not heavier. If it is a freestanding one, you will want the weight to be around fifty to eighty pounds. This will help your umbrella to stay stable.

  1. Cantilever Umbrella

For areas that are extra-large, or areas that have a bar, you will want to use a cantilever umbrella. This type will angle out over areas that might have multiple seating choices. See here for an explanation of the cantilever. Because of their design, they will not get in your way as you try to interact with guests on your patio.


                There are many different types of umbrellas that you can choose from. There are different reasons for choosing the different types. You will want to choose one that best fits your patio or other areas that you want to be shaded. You will want one large enough to keep you out of the sun for the longest period of time.

                Umbrellas come in many styles and colors that can complement any décor that you might have. There are some that are made to match the cushions of your patio furniture. You want to make sure that they are strong enough to withstand the weather in your area, as well. You want it to be decorative and functional.