One of the most common causes of debilitating and life-threatening injuries is still car accidents. Certain sorts of accidents also lead to inferences or assumptions about who was at fault, which you should consider if you are pursuing a claim.

Identifying the cause of the accident is critical to determining who is liable, but the type of accident can also affect a claim. That’s why we have compiled the list of five major types of car accidents, so continue to read on.

1. Rear-end collisions

Rear-end crashes are most common when the rear driver collides with the car in front of them from behind. Usually, they occur during peak traffic periods, at red lights, or stop signs.

Although rear-end accidents are usually at slow speeds, they can occur at greater speeds on highways and other routes with higher-than-average speed restrictions. Other prominent causes of rear-end collisions are distracted driving and driving when tired.

2. Head-on collisions

Head-on crashes are most prevalent when two cars going in opposite directions strike head-on. Head-on collisions are among the most common types of motor vehicle accidents. Victims of head-on collisions frequently die as a result of their injuries.

Although head-on collisions can occur in a variety of ways, some common reasons include drivers driving on the wrong side of the road or highway, driver distraction, driving while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, and drowsy driving.

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3. T-bone accidents.

T-bone accidents are more common at intersections where one driver violates traffic laws such as the right of way. According to the III, T-bone accidents account for 10.5% of all motor vehicle crashes. T-bone collisions are virtually always the result of driver irresponsibility, such as distracted driving.

The careless driver will proceed through the intersection while disregarding traffic signals and collided with a car traveling in the opposite direction. These accidents are named for the letter “T” that forms when they collide.

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4.Single-car Collisions with Fixed Objects

The III reports that 5.6% of all car accidents in the United States are single-car collisions involving fixed objects. This sort of car collision is most common everywhere in the world. Fixed object collisions are typically the result of aggressive, inattentive, tired, or driving while intoxicated.

An irresponsible driver may swerve into opposing or oncoming traffic and collide with a fixed object, such as guard rails, curbs, ditches, polls, bridges, trees or other shrubbery, embankments, and posts.