The king of eCommerce, Amazon has become the world’s topmost retailer and is a source of revenue generation for many. It’s rare to find someone today who is unaware of this platform. This king of eCommerce as per amazon sellers statistics is expected to cross the $500 billion mark by 2025. So do you think that the only means of earning money through Amazon is by selling? Not at all as it has multiple other ways through which you can earn money with probably zero investment. Want to know how? Have a read further.


If you are aware of the concept of dropshipping then that is good enough. But if not let me explain it to you. It is a method through which you can become a means of delivering the items between the seller and the buyer. You just need to select the product that you will deliver and choose the option of the merchant on amazon.

In dropshipping, you are responsible for the delivery and safety f the product. But after successful delivery, you get a share of profit. It is a suitable business because there’s no need for investment.

Mechanical Turk

Another quite easy and amazing method of earning money is through mechanical Turk. In this method, you are a virtual assistant of a big brand and act on behalf of it. Moreover, there is no difficulty in getting registered as once registered you can select what kind of services you can provide.

Some common things that virtual assistants do are survey conduction, validation, product listing, and much more. Nonetheless, it is an easy way of generating a handsome amount of money. Let’s move to another method.

Flex by Amazon

Have you ever thought of earning money through driving? Well through Amazon flex you need to get yourself registered as a driver and specify the working hours you will be available. You would have to take the deliverable from the warehouses to the buyer’s home. Just need a legal driving license a car and you can earn $20 to $25 per hour.

Handmade by Amazon

The creativity of an artist is no more a mere show rather he can make handmade things as he wants. There’s no limit to the type of product like it can be a wooden item or jewelry etc. Your handmade items are no longer just antique items rather you can sell them on amazon.

Amazon has provided a proper platform for handmade items where you can upload the products and start selling them to earn suitable money.

Amazon Merch

Welcome to the world of designers. Through Merch, the designers can upload their design and thatdesign can become a source of commission on every sale that is made. You just need to design and upload the product along with its description. You don’t need to be an expert but just need the spark of making a goof design.


Making money has become a lot easier today, especially with the rise of eCommerce. Amazon has made earning money even easier through zero investment. All of the methods are legitimate and many people are making money using these methods.