There are many ways to have a good weekend. The following are especially popular:

  • Going to the cinema or theatre;
  • Quad biking;
  • Walks along the promenade;
  • Going out to the countryside;
  • Visiting amusement parks;
  • Shopping;
  • Boat trips in Barcelona.

The last option is a universal solution that will appeal to adults, children, and teenagers alike. To organize a sea boat trip in the Mediterranean Sea on a comfortable vessel, all you need to do is contact a specialized company; boat rental is possible for 2 hours, a whole day, or several days.

How to choose a boat and how much a trip costs

When choosing a boat, pay attention to the type, size, class, and number of seats. Sailing vessels are excellent for romantic trips due to their smooth ride. Speed yachts are the most optimal choice for noisy parties. An ordinary manager of a specialized company is ready to provide all necessary assistance in choosing a vessel – clients do not have to understand the technical characteristics of the yacht, but only need to determine the number of seats.

Pay attention to the cost of services. Prices depend on the class and capacity of the yacht, as well as the level of cabin equipment. The more comfortable the vessel, the more expensive the trip. On average, the cost of renting a boat in Barcelona is 250 euros per hour.

Additional services are not included in the rental price and are paid separately. This also applies to professional photo shoots, which can be conducted on the yacht.

Guarantees of reliability and safety

Certainly, a sea trip on a speed boat or a sailboat will give a lot of unforgettable sensations and positive emotions, but how safe is it? Passengers are not threatened under any circumstances! The ship’s crew are experienced professionals.

Before going on a voyage, the yacht undergoes comprehensive preparation and inspection. Passengers are guaranteed complete safety and the flawless operation of the ship throughout the trip.

A contract is concluded with the client. Payment is made in cash or by transfer to a bank card – this point is recommended to be clarified in the chosen company.

Do you want to fill the next weekend with positive emotions, vivid impressions, and novelty? Then rent a boat and go for a ride with friends, family, or your significant other! This will be an unforgettable vacation that you will never regret!